Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Go Mobile

The first quarter of 2012 is coming to an end and I find it strange that there are still people out there that don’t believe Mobile is going  to catch on. The are probably the same people back in the late-90′s-early 200o’s that didn’t believe that the internet was going to catch on and that they would NEVER need a website for their business. Let’s get a show of hands. How many of you naysayers that thought the internet wouldn’t catch on, have websites? My point exactly!!

Mobile is already a vital part of our everyday life and business owners who think they don’t need mobile for their business are CRAZY. At the lowest level, every business MUST have a mobile website. If you have a regular website you need to get it mobile optimized. Please read mobile optimized, don’t let some web hack convince you that shrinking your site to fit the screen of a mobile phone is a mobile optimized website. It’s not.

Seriously, resistance to mobile if futile. Starting adopting some sort of mobile strategy NOW before your competition does. Lastly, don’t take my word for it look at the Top 10 Reasons Why Mobile is a Must written by my partners at TapForMyApp

If you are looking to add mobile to your business please call us at 480-788-5345 or our friends at TapForMyApp at 1-800-515-7650

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Mobilize Your Business TODAY in 3 Easy Steps

I’ve written several blogs posts about mobilizing your business, but I found this blog post on my friend Kim Dushinski’s page Mobile Marketing Profits and had to share.

Given that nearly everyone on the planet who is old enough to be a potential customer of yours (explored fully here) has a mobile phone, it is imperative that your business takes steps to mobilize now. If your customers haven’t already interacted with you on mobile, they will. Mobilizing simply means making it easy for your customers to interact with you via mobile and determining the best way to reach out to them via mobile with relevant information for them.

Let me start with why the first two steps I am going to share with you are not optional. It is quite simply because the choice to interact via mobile is not in your control, it is literally in the hands of your customer. It is their decision whether to visit your website using their phone, tablet or their desktop computer. If they choose to use their phone and your site is not mobile friendly, then you lose.

Same goes with checking email. If they happen to check email using mobile and your email is too big and bulky to be read easily on the small screen, then it is your email that is ignored. The choice of using mobile is theirs, not yours. Not optional, see what I mean?

Click here for the 3 Steps to Mobilize Your Business NOW

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What Groupon & Daily Deal Sites Don’t Want You to Know

So you ran a daily deal on one of sites like Groupon, Living Social & Deal Chicken and they told you how it would bring you a TON of new business RIGHT?

What the Daily Deal Sites Don’t Want You to Know

What they didn’t tell you is that YES you will get a TON of new business, but VERY FEW will ever come back.

WHY? Because most of the people who use these daily deal sites ONLY go to places that run deals. So after they come in and cannibalize your profits you NEVER see them again. A terribly small percentage of people who come in with their daily deal ever become repeat customers.

The sad part is that the deal sites give you NO INFORMATION on the people who buy the deals so how can YOU re-market to those customers and ACTUALLY make MONEY running a daily deal. I’m about to tell you and armed with this 1 SIMPLE TIP you will want to run a deal on EVERY daily deal site out there.

  • If your first thought was collect email address you would be kind of right but NOT REALLY because email open rates are only at 12%-28% across all industries and of those opened, only about 2% get read. Click here for those stats. Did you read the stats? I’m not making this stuff up.
  • The CORRECT answer is text message marketing aka SMS Marketing because 97% of all text messages get read, 90% of those within 5 minutes. I’d take those odds to Vegas, wouldn’t you? By letting us manage the SMS Marketing for them, some clients have been able to retain and generate repeat business from 50%-75% of the people who bought a daily deal. Click here to read how SMS Marketing can help your business and HELP you make your investment in the daily deal and ACTUAL investment. Really for the prosperity of your company in 2012 you really need to click up there and read the article.

Our service starts as low as $87 per month, we do everything for you, and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t make more money then you spend with us in the first 90 days, you get it all back. It gets better, we pretty much guarantee you will see at least a 3 to 1 return on your investment with us. It’s really that simple. We are so confident that we can help you dramatically increase your sales in 2012 that WE PUT OUR MONEY WHERE OUR MOUTH IS! Start 2012 out with a bang and call us TODAY at (480)788-5345.

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Resistance is Futile – SMS Marketing Statistics to Take Seriously

Text Message Marketing or as we like to call it here in Phoenix, AZ, SMS Marketing, is the most effective marketing channel ever brought to the market. With a mind-blowing 97% open rate, 90% being read within 5 minutes of being sent, text message marketing is the only marketing channel out there that pretty much can guarantee your message gets read. That’s what you want RIGHT?

Who isn’t utilizing text messaging nowadays? The in your face answer is people who are getting left behind and resistant to change. Did you know Obama reached over 10 million subscribers during his campaign in 2008 and American Idol received more votes via text message than Obama received to win the presidential election. Join the text messaging movement today.

Want Value, You Get Value

  • With a 97% open rate for text messages, there couldn’t be a more efficient use of your marketing dollars. And when we say dollars, we actually mean cents. What other marketing channel let’s you touch a customer 24 times a year for less then $2? It’s really that affordable. Our plans can start as low as $67 per month and include messages and unlimited keywords.

There Isn’t Anything Faster

  • Text messages are quick, only taking a few seconds to hit thousands of phones at the same time. Once it’s arrived, the average time to open is 5 minutes. That’s scary fast!

Everyone Has a Mobile Phone

  • Well pretty much everyone, but it’s getting very close to everyone. In the United States, 92% of people have a mobile phone; that’s a lot of mobile phones!

Texting is Hot Right Now

  • How hot you ask? 72% of all mobile phone users regularly send and receive text messages. According to the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association), in 2009, Americans went crazy for text messaging, sending more text messages than actual phone calls.

Reach Your Customers on Their Terms

  • Did you know that 85% of all Americans never leave home without their mobile phone? Did you know that half of all Americans sleep with their mobile phone? If you want to reach your customers where they are, mobile is the only solution. Check out the poll we conducted on how many hours a day people have their cell phone at arms length. Click here for the poll.

More Great Stats on Mobile…

  • More than six in 10 Americans say they “can’t live” without their mobile phone.
  • Nearly half of Americans say they sleep with their mobile phone nearby.
  • 79% of smartphone users would find it useful to download money-off coupons to their phones.
  • 73% of smartphone users say they would like to receive instant money-off coupons as they pass by an item in a store.
  • 83% of all teens ages 12-17 send and receive text messages.
  • 35% of 12 year-olds say they text daily.
  • 67% of 14 year-olds say they text daily.
  • 89% of 17 year-olds text everyday.
  • Girls are more likely to text than boys with 77% of all girls texting while 68% of boys do.
  • Older girls ages 14-17 are the most avid texters – 73% say they text their friends every day, while 61% of boys the same age report daily texting.
  • More than 7 in 10 (71%) of cell-phone owning parents of teens 12-17 say they send and receive text messages on their cell phones.
  • 72% of all adults 18 and older send or receive text messages.
These numbers are hard to ignore. We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to show you how ridiculously effective text message marketing can be for your business. We don’t believe in scare tactics, but if you are not in the mobile space you should be. Resistance is Futile. So futile we make jumping into the mobile space RISK FREE with a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE  that looks like this: If you don’t make more money then you spend with us in the first 3 months of utilizing our service, we will give you ALL of your money back. Did I mention our Full Service Plans can start as low as $67 per month and come with 500 text credits and unlimited keywords? CALL TODAY and ask about our SPECIAL OFFER!!! (480) 788-5345.
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Press Release:International Mobile Marketing Business Network Announces & Thanks ChaChing Mobile Marketing for being a Charter Member

The International Mobile Marketing Business Network – a global organization of top mobile marketing entrepreneurs, professionals and vendors that works to inform, empower and connect those interested in cutting-edge and effective mobile marketing concepts – wants to thank ChaChing Mobile Marketing for being a Charter Member. ChaChing Mobile Marketing provides businesses mobile marketing strategies that drive significant top line revenue increases by incorporating text message marketing, mobile websites, QR codes and social media management into their current marketing portfolio.

Phoenix, AZ (PRWEB) September 28, 2011

IMMBN, the International Mobile Marketing Business Network, is excited to announce that ChaChing Mobile Marketing is one of our original Charter vendor members. “Being recognized as a Charter Member of the IMMBN has given ChaChing Mobile Marketing credibility as a knowledgeable and reputable mobile marketing firm says Jay Veniard, Co-Founder of ChaChing Mobile Marketing.

Jay Veniard, Co-Founder, ChaChing Mobile Marketing saw their entry into the IMMBN fold as a no-brainer, and commented, “We feel being a member of the IMMBN shows our clients and prospective clients that we are serious about developing and delivering mobile marketing strategies the right way and the ethical way and the IMMBN holds us to that standard.” To read more click here

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