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  • Your Business or Brand Needs Mobile Marketing

    • 154 million Americans are regular SMS users
    • 76.8 million Americans recall seeing some form of mobile advertising
    • 70% of consumers surveyed are happy to get promotional info via text message
    • 47% of consumers who’ve received mobile marketing offers, have brand recall
    • 94% of those participants remembered the specific call-to-action
    Comparison of marketing read-rates:
    Print Advertising
    Direct Mail
    Email Campaigns
    Mobile Marketing

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  • Quick Stats

    • 3 billion mobile phones exist worldwide
    • 92% of Americans own a mobile phone
    • 96% of those are capable of receiving SMS
    • 97% of text messages are opened
    • 83% are opened within 1 hour
    • 1.56 trillion texts were sent in America last year
    • 52083 texts are sent every second
    • 2.5 times more users text than email
    • Mobile is no longer the exception, its the rule
    Capitalize on this growing market. Put your message in your customers’ pockets!

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  • Poll Results

    How many hours a day is your mobile phone in arms reach?

    52% surveyed said 20-24 hours.  More results on Linkedin.

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