Keywords and short codes make it easy to opt-in

A Mobile Keyword is a one-word phrase that identifies a product, service, action, or business. Think of it as what identifies your business in the mobile world. Mobile Keywords operate and distinguish your business much like your website URL. No two people can have the same Mobile Keyword on the same short code.

People text a Mobile Keyword to a pre-publicized 5 or 6-digit short code number, in our case 72727, to receive additional information and to join your mobile VIP list. For example, if a customer texts "ChaChing4" or "PHXDeals" to 72727, the customer will immediately receive an automated text response (customized by you and can be changed at anytime). The text response can be more information about your product or service, mobile coupon or some other incentive tied to that specific keyword.

You can also setup a different automated response with each Mobile Keyword that you setup. In our example, the keyword "ChaChing411 or PHXDeals" is owned by ChaChing Mobile Marketing, and you will receive a sample automated response from ChaChing Mobile Marketing. Anybody who creates an account with ChaChing Mobile Marketing can immediately create a Mobile Keyword as long as it's not already taken by another ChaChing Mobile Marketing user.

Try it out yourself by texting any of our mobile keywords ("ChaChing4", "JAXDeals", "PHXDeals") to 72727. Keep in mind, keywords, like web URL's are not case-sensitive. After texting the keyword you’ll receive an automated response right back! Msg & Data Rates may apply. To cancel, text STOP. For help, text HELP.The best part is you can opt-out at any time.

Mobile Keyword Marketing = High ROI

Unlike traditional email, Mobile Keyword subscriptions are controlled by the end users. People can subscribe and unsubscribe on an opt-in basis. This level of control and the explosion in mobile usage have brought Mobile Keyword Marketing to the forefront of the marketing & advertising community and some of the largest brands like Starbucks, Coca Cola, Steve Madden, Budweiser and JC Penney. With the best ROI for the advertising dollars, levels far exceeding direct mail, email marketing, and other traditional marketing channels.

With as much as a 97% + read rate and 10%-35%+ response rates how can you ignore Mobile Keyword Marketing? Oh and did I mention, with Mobile Keyword Marketing, it's as easy to send your message to one person as it is to send to 10,000 people!

Short Code: 72727

Short Codes are special "telephone" numbers that are typically 4 to 6 digits long. Short Codes are used for texting purposes only. Typically Short Codes are used for business purposes and allow consumers to purchase products or to request additional information about a product, discounts, coupons, service, or business. They are often used to tally votes for a contest or sweepstake (like they do in American IdolTM ). Mobile Keyword and Short Code technology is spreading like wildfire and you may have seen them used on TV shows, radio commercials, billboards, print advertising, and websites. As with all text message marketing campaigns, Msg & Data Rates may apply. To cancel, text STOP. For help, text HELP.

An email message has about a 10% chance of being read, while your text blast will be read by over 90% of the recipients in the first 30 minutes!

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